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         One, the salesman


        Hiring: 20 people

        Recruitment requirements:

        1, sexs, technical secondary school or above, age between 25 to 30 years old;

        2, more than two years sales experience, seller curtain industry is a plus;

        3, who are interested in the curtain industry long-term development, and has the good team cooperation spirit;

        4, curtain or related major is preferred;

        5, has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and in spirit.



        Second, the regional manager


        Hiring: three

        Recruitment requirements:

        1, have good communication skills and coordination skills, optimistic, cheerful and have affinity;

        2, related work experience in curtain markets is preferred;

        3, has strong interest in sales work and self-confidence; Have a strong sense of enterprising spirit, full of pioneering spirit

        4, age: 25 to 35 years old.

        Job description:

        Responsible for guangdong province regional investment promotion network promotion, partition. Build around the store.

        Detailed treatment: basic salary + commission + travel allowance + company other benefits.

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